DVD of the Week, “Life of Pi”, Video Interview with Oscar Winner Director Ang Lee

Written by Beau Behan. Posted in Art + Entertainment

Life Of PiThe movie, “Life of Pi”, is based on a novel by Yann Martel. It is a depiction of a young man’s exploration of spirituality at an early age. The film won four Oscars at the 85th Academy Awards including Best Director for Ang Lee, who is very down-to-earth and humble. I interviewed Ang to talk about “Life of Pi” and the future of 3D filmmaking. To watch the interview, click here.

The movie begins with a writer seeking an inspiration for the incredible story of Pi Patel’s epic journey of adventure and discovery, as a young man, portrayed by Suraj Sharma. Patel, now being older and wiser, is played by Irrfan Khan. 

Growing up in India, Pi develops his own theories on faith, belief, and human nature. Due to economic changes sweeping across India, his parents have decided to emigrate to Canada. Embarking on this journey, his parents close their zoo, pack their belongings along with some of the animals, and board a ship. Along the way, they encounter a huge storm, and the ship sinks. Pi and one of the animals, a Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker, survive. The young man’s courage and determination are now tested as he and the tiger must co-exist.

Life of Pi is Ang Lee’s foray into 3D filmmaking. It is a tool that he has used to capture Pi’s physical journey, immerse viewers, and make them feel the story’s emotional hold. Lee mentions, “3D is a new cinematic language.” He thinks that it will develop its own language instead of borrowing it from 2D.”

The movie, “Life of Pi”, is truly mesmerizing. Ang Lee takes us on Pi’s journey over three continents, two oceans, and a universe of imagination. Viewers will experience visually stunning themes, with the hallmarks of grand storytelling that is made possible by the cinematic language of 3D filmmaking. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Life of Pi” for winning four Oscars and especially to Ang Lee for winning Best Director. Undoubtedly, Lee once again has pushed the barriers of filmmaking!

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