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Be Happier, Less Depressed, Learn How

Posted by Cynthia Brian
Cynthia Brian
How to Survive the coming Retirement Storm with Robert Margetic & from Franc
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May Day PLAY

A Message from Founder, CYNTHIA BRIAN

A research study titled “Americans’ Changing Lives” followed more than 3600 people for ten years to find that people of all ages who did community service through volunteering were happier, healthy, and less depressed than those who didn’t. Scientists discovered a physiological basis for the warm glow that accompanies giving. Scans showed that the brain structures activated by rewards are the same ones activated by giving. When you give time or money, feel good chemicals are released triggering a surge of physical energy. The dopamine pulse lights up the same pleasure source as eating or having sex. It’s clear that donating and volunteering help people feel good. When we give back, our focus is shifted outside of ourselves, giving your brain and body a break from despair.

I have always felt that giving is the paradox of life. The more we give, the more we get. When we help others, we help ourselves.For Mother’s Day, make a donation to Be the Star You Are!® and give both yourself and the great woman in the world the gift of happiness, health, and love.

Make sure to visit the Be the Star You Are!® Express Yourself!TM Teen Radio booth at the Moraga Faire on May 12 where our teens will host two live shows plus give community businesses the opportunity to lay down a 30 second commercial for a donation to the charity. Young people are invited to share their thoughts on their school years and upcoming summer vacation. If you make music or sing, come join the jam session.

Be the Star You Are!® PO Box 376 Moraga, California 945456 925-376-7126 www.bethestaryouare.org info@bethestaryouare.org


“The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer


We are published. Read:

Digging Deep App Rap Teen Scene Consider This

Cynthia Brian is a writing coach. 925-377-STAR


Be the Star You Are!® relies 100% on

individual donations to continue

A big thank you to our sponsors, Orinda Auto Detail, Minuteman Press, and Keigan Productions who make the booth possible. And a huge thank you to Rob Spence for spearheading the sponsorship. Our gratitude to all.

Happy May! Donate today!

Cynthia Brian

Founder, Executive Director Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 http://www.BTSYA.com

PS: Make sure to check out our creative community of Express Yourself! and submit your works for free.



The 6th Annual Moraga Community Faire will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2012 11am-4pm. Be the Star You Are!® charity has participated every year since inception and has always boasted the most popular booth.

This year, Be the Star You Are!® will feature a radio recording booth offering the general public an

opportunity to showcase their on-air personalities and services, record a commercial, and audition for a reporter position. Musicians are invited to come lay down a sound track. Meet the hosts and field reporters of the international program, Express Yourself!TM including Steven Zhou, Vivien Lee, Courtney Cheng, Eric Pawlakos, Youngjoo Ahn, Jacquleine Tao. Youngjoo will be doing craft demonstrations as well as selling hand made items for Moms and others to benefit the Be the Star You Are!® programs.

Meet producer and author, Cynthia Brian, buy autographed books, T- shirts, as well as fresh organic Meyer lemons and eggs. This year the fair features carnival games for all ages, a dunk tank, children's activities, a classic car show, two bouncey houses (one for kids, one for adults), live entertainment, food, wine, beer, and a plethora of educational and entertaining booths.

Find out more details. The Express Yourself!TM booth is sponsored by Orinda Auto Detail,

individual donations to continue the outreach programs.

Feel Happy and HELP!


*Donate $25, $50, or $100

*Help in other ways *Buy books at Amazon *Shop until your Drop *Shopat EBAY

Thanks for supporting literacy projects


Tanks and T-shirts make great gifts for MOM and anyone else on your list. All sizes. Tanks are black and T's are white. Buy them at the Moraga Faire or On-Line

Read, Lead, Succeed


Minuteman Press, and Keigan Productions.


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“Thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful, welcoming and thorough interviewer. I was so impressed by and grateful for your detailed read of THE LAST ROMANOV. I've been interviewed many, many times, but rarely have I come across an interviewer such as yourself, who had delved so deeply into the nuances of my story and analyzed it with such intelligence. I really appreciate that.

And thank you for your kind words and your praise of my book.” Dora Levy Mossanen, Author, The Last Romanov

“I LOVE your station and what you are doing (and what you stand for). You are such a blessing to so many people.” James Houston, turner, Author, Greco’s Game

To be considered as a guest, Radio@BethestaryouareRadio.com



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Celebrate the special mothers in your life, and come to the Moraga Faire! We'll be waiting to meet you!

Thanks for your support & donations


BE THE STAR YOU ARE®! is a 501 c3 charity dedicated to empowering women, families, and youth through improved literacy and increased positive media. BE THE

positive media. BE THE

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Express Yourself!TM with our teen hosts and reporters airs every Tuesday at NOON PT/3pm ET on Voice America Kids

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“Congratulations! It is great to hear about your accomplishments and how well your teens are doing.” Nancy Barr, Attorney

“Congratulations, Cynthia and teen crew! I am so proud to know you are doing such positive things for teens as well as giving them a view into the radio world. I am so proud of teens for listening to wholesome material when society accuses them of deterioration. God bless you all with every success!” Elizabeth Mroz, writer

“Congrats on "Express Yourself" getting to the top. Even better, your message is getting out to teens, and they are listening. Just think of the challenges they face:.Kids have lost the opportunity to be kids. Thanks for all you do.” Michael Williamson, Marin Real Estate

“Had a great time on the show. The teens are sharp.” Ken Bossone, CEO World’s Positive Thinkers

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